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The Philadelphia Area Computer Society meets monthly at the Giant Food Store in Willow Grove, PA. PACS is a computer user group where members fix problems, share knowledge, and learn from each other. All platforms and levels of experience are supported. Guests are welcome to attend.

May 17, 2014
A panel of users will present a
"Comparison of Password Managers"

Everybody knows that best security practices call for different and strong (= complex) passwords for each web site that requires a login. But who could possibly remember 16-character passwords with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols for 400 or more sites? This is where password managers come in. These add-ons save all of your passwords in an encrypted vault which is unlocked by one complex password. The managers then fill in web page login and other forms using the saved data. Other features include generating strong passwords to set up new accounts and synchronizing passwords across various devices.

Today's panel will describe some of the most popular password menagers. As of now we will have users of Roboform and LastPass on hand with possibly a KeyPass user. Come and learn how to stay secure without going crazy.

PACS will also hold its Annual Meeting where Directors will be elected to serve from June 2014 - May 2016

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PACS is a member of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups. APCUG promotes and assists computer user groups worldwide. More information is at the APCUG website.


PACS appreciates the Willow Grove Giant Food Store which provides our meeting space. The store also offers The Cooking School with classes on nutrition, healthy eating, smart shopping and cooking. The Community Center provides classes on health and fitness oriented topics.

PACS members are encouraged to support Giant by purchasing food during the meeting at the Marketplace Cafe and thinking about grocery shopping afterward. Food, other than purchased at Giant, may not be brought into the meeting rooms.

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