Windows Multipoint Server 2010

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Windows Multipoint Server 2010

Postby Timothy_Hargadon » Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:12 pm

It probably not a good topic for the average user. But if an organization or school or business has public facing or employee facing or student computers to maintain this is a real blessing. I'm installing my first 2 this week in Norristown. The system consists of a Multipoint Server (essentially a PC with lots of USB Ports - I'm using an HP Ms 6000) You can order the box preloaded or Buy a downloadable ISO. You also buy a monitor, KB and Mouse and a "HUB" which is a little box that the Keyboard,Mouse and monitor plug into. The "HuB" then attaches to the Multipoint Server (HP Ms 6000) via a USB cable.
If you have ever had to maintain student or public facing computers you'll love this because there is only one physical box. Each user gets his own desktop generated by the Multipoint server. If the user messes up his profile you just delete it and create another one. It's kind of a Poor mans Terminal Server. The Server Box is about $750.00 and the HUB-KVM setup is about another $150.00 each. This is very affordable by any standard.
It's probably not a great topic but I thought by placing it here someone might see it and be able to use the info. Since this is my 1st I'll have to file another report in the near future. I'll see if it lives up to my expectations. I hope it does or I might be in real trouble at work. There's very little info on this because it's so new. ... -more.aspx
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